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MyNaindah Plan

Keep your Products with you at your Home or Shop
Refundable Deposit
Unlimited Products
Free Training
Transaction Fee As Low as 13%
You can upload everything from home or shop!
We deliver your products to your customer

Warehouse Plan

Unlimited Products
Unlimited Naindah Warehouse Storage
Transaction Fee As Low as B$1 + 10%
We manage your items
We take photos and upload your products for you

We deliver your products to your customer

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3 Simple Steps to start selling
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3 Simple Steps to start selling
  • 1. Contact Us (Click Here) to arrange a Pickup of your Products or you can drop it off at our Warehouse (Unit 6, Block C, Spg 34, Taman Alam, Beribi)
  • 2. Complete Registration and submit documents
  • 3. We will list your products on!
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Comission Based
Markup Based
  • - Markup based: For USED products
  • - Commission based: For NEW products
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MyNaindah Plan Warehouse Plan
Pricing Starting as low as 13% per transaction Starting as low as B$1.00 + 10% per transaction
Deposit B$50 (Refundable) Not Required
Setup Fees FREE FREE
Mobile Friendly
Worldwide Access
Storage Location Your own Home or Shop Naindah's Warehouse - FREE
Seller Admin Panel & Products
Seller Admin Panel
Add Products - You Add & Manage your own products - Add & Manage your products for you
FREE Training on using Seller Admin Panel
Number of Products Allowed Unlimited Unlimited
Manage & Edit Photos - You Add, Edit & Manage your own photos - Add, Edit & Manage it for you
Manage Discounts - You manage your own discounts - Manage it for you
QA & QC Checks
Orders, Shipping & Deliveries
Manage Orders - will manage Orders for you - will manage Orders for you
Manage Shipping & Deliveries - will manage Shipping & Deliveries for you - will manage Shipping & Deliveries for you
Fraud & Security Program
Seller Verification
Buyer Protection
Shopping Cart
Shopping Cart System
Mobile Cart
Payment Method Available for Customer
Cash on Pickup
Cash on Delivery
Bank In / Bank Transfer
Payment Online using Credit / Debit Card
Payout Solution to Seller
Bank In / Bank Transfer
Item's Defective
Item's Has Missing Parts
Wrong Item
Cancelled due to No Stock
Slow Fullfilment (Item not ready when ordered)
Wrong Price
Wrong Product Weight
Counterfeit Items
Prohibited Items
Sales Report
Orders Report
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